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Cat Pencil Holder

Dec 23, 2015 23 Comments by

Cat Pencil Holder The fun & basic arts and crafts project such as Cat Pencil Holder is for younger children who love painting, gluing and sculpting. Arts and crafts is an innovative activity that a lot of other hobbies do not provide. A variety of options is available to you with this hobby. From easy […]

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Mosaic Butterfly

Nov 26, 2015 34 Comments by

Butterfly Crafts A mosaic is an art form that has been around for thousands of years. It is an art of creating images by arranging small pieces of colored paper, glass, stone, or other materials in the form of murals, tabletops, home decorations and pottery. A mosaic pattern is created by placing small materials together […]

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Pop up Card

Nov 24, 2015 14 Comments by

Pop up Card The term pop-up is referred to something three dimensional. Whether it’s a book or a card, a pop up card is attractive to kids. The research shows that children learn more from pop-up items such as books or cards than they do from flat books or cards with photographs. How to make a […]

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Blot Butterfly

Nov 21, 2015 19 Comments by

Blot Butterfly As you can now see, many things can be made with arts and crafts. It’s easy to carry out a project that is basic or fancy, and there’s so much that can be learned about whatever is being made. This butterfly painting craft is so much fun and simple enough for the young […]

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